Project MIDI to Blender (MTB)

The purpose of the project is how to create 3D vizualisations from MIDI file.

Few vizualisations exists :

BarGraph – Each Bar move accordingly with one note of MIDI channel

Grid – Sort of waves on grid following notes

Light – Each note from channel control one light power.

PaperBall – As Bargraph with displacement modifier

Fountain type 1 – One fountain for each note of MIDI channel

Fountain Type 2 – Emit one ball for each note from MIDI channel

These videos are created with the alpha version of python script MTB.

You can download the resulting blend file (without audio).

3 thoughts on “Project MIDI to Blender (MTB)

  1. That’s an awesome idea, can’t wait to see your progress! Keep up the great work! Do you have a interface to a MIDI-2-USB or just a flat file for now?


      1. Hi Doc! That looks like the perfect solution for a project I´m working on! Could you reupload the blend file please? I´d love to take a look at the inner workings!


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