Python & Blender / Starter Kit – First view

Blender allows to use the Python language to perform actions from the simplest to the most complex and particularly tedious operations or impossible to do manually

This starter kit explains how to use python code in Blender

Prepare a new zone in the interface or use an existing zone

Tip: For those who like to work in multi-screen (like me), shift + click (when there is the +) to open a new independent work area that can move on its second (third! !) screen

Choose “ScriptingText Editor” for this area

You can now open a file via the “Open” button

Choose your Python file

Tip: Improve code readability with “Line Numbers” and “Syntax Highlight”

Then click on the “Run Script” button to execute it

To have relevant information in the event of an error or simply for the display return of the “print” commands, the console must be opened in addition

Here is how to use Python with Blender. You can also copy / paste from any text / code editor

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